29 Apr

Wise advice from the shopkeeper

I’ve almost reached the end of the tunnel at Nuclear Frisson with BobPrice, a blog I started last year as a tip of the hat to my imaginative grandfather of that name (Robert G. Price, not N. Frisson). I wrote there as an outlet and, more or less, to please myself. Most posts really didn’t invite comments other than “eh?”

Zephyr 98 being a blog, I’ll still be writing for myself but not as often to myself, instead keeping a larger audience in mind. I’m writing a young novel with the intent of publishing and I’ll chronicle some of that effort here. I have children, a family, and I’ll write about them. I have friends who are writers and teachers and scientists and engineers and lovable damn fools, and I’ll write about them; sometimes just about how they open up the world for me. If I’m desperate, I’ll write about my strange habits. I don’t have any, but I know I can develop them if I need the material. I’ll keep Nuclear Frisson around when I need to write for an audience of me (and a few patient, loyal masochist friends.)

It’s good to be here. The name of this blog references a key character in my long long story titled Sea of Tigers; a character who is heavily influenced by my breezy youngest son. It also sounds like a car I’d like to own–they never made another Zephyr as fine as those they rolled off the line in ’98.

My name is Kurt Kremer. That translates, roughly, to wise shopkeeper. I have the accounting skills of a pug and will never get further with that title than this blog entry.