22 Jan

Character Inventory

These have been developed spuriously and sometimes out of desperation at my daughter’s bedtime since last Thanksgiving. I usually tell the stories in mad lib style, leaving blanks for her to fill in and guide the plot or character actions. She’s five and is not short of ideas or decisions.

Main characters:
Four quadruplet (but not identical) late teen Princesses opening a chain of teashops in usual and unusual locations

Recurring or single appearance characters:
A King, who builds transdimensional zoos and swings through trees at night (thanks to night vision goggles)
A Queen, admiral of the fleet
A ne’er do well enchanted Prince, asleep in a tower
A guardian tiger spirit fond of disguises (and comfortable in forest and urban jungles)
A temple dragon named Tien Lung fond of tea and conversation
A Chinese emperor worried about dragons
Madame Minus-One Pound, worried about gravity, and an expert in tea
A reformed Ogre, now tea shop manager
A leprechaun constable securing against illegal fairy ring gateway use
A quirky scientist, Professor Adams, and his submarine-based lab
Professor Adams’ alternate (bizarro) personality
A polar bear and grey whale in an interspecies romance on the ice pack
Dread Pirate Bawb and, following a devastating battle with the Queen’s fleet, Former Pirate Fred