04 Apr


Not the herb, not the owner of Fawlty Towers, not the Rathbone (although named for him). Basil the Dog, our new household member, a mix of

Beagle + Gordon Setter = Basil (age 2)

We brought him home last night (following up on a Craigslist ad). He has the coloring and hair of a beagle and stature and temperament of a Gordon setter. About 65 pounds, neutered, and current for shots and parasite treatments, with all the vet records and training info from his birth. His first owner was a disabled vet who could not keep up with him. The second owner was a young man in his 20’s who is relocating for work but also took very good care of him during 7 months of ownership.

So far, he’s bright and, overall, responsive, very good with the kids, well behaved indoors, holds his bladder through the night, good with other dogs, and wary of cats. (Clearly betrayed, 11 year old empress Emma has taken to a corner of the garage for now while fraidy cat Nora, ironically, has stood him down twice.) In about 6 months Debby will start training him as a therapy dog. In between now and then we’ll focus on building his confidence, continuing with his basic training–especially leash–and fitting him into our family (and vice versa).

In short, he’s a lovable, smart, exuberant goofball, calm with the kids, a talker but not a barker: perfect for our house with the range of ages (from active college down to first grader). Debby took him for his first long walk this morning–she said he was very handsome.

Latest update: He’s settling in enough now to worry about certain places–our master bath and the garage frightened him this morning (even though he slept in our bedroom last night).

I’m enamored, so expect more photos if we can get get the lens to click fast enough.