28 Sep

New Home, New Name

I’ve relocated my site from Webfaction to No Support Unix Hosting (for $1/month) and renamed the site to Wist (on a whim that feels descriptive and prescient). I like the new default WordPress “Twenty Thirteen” template enough that I’m not going to reimplement the Genesis template (even if it can bring Spock back). The new default is cheery, easy to use for now, loads fast, and plays well on mobile devices and browsers.

Moving the site was almost trivial (compared to the last time I moved a WP site). I used the WordPress Move plugin and WordPress Export tool. It took less than 30 minutes to migrate all content and plugins and keep the images, dates, categories, and tags attached to their posts and pages. (There are other plugins and methods but this worked for me.)

The tagline? Googling “using Wist in a sentence” produced that–and who doesn’t like a good “for they were sore afraid” line?

Note: Wist is not Whist, although one can know a card game.