09 Feb


Sometimes an unfinished or languishing story is like an old love affair that never got going and that you can’t let go. But like the song says, let it go.

02 Feb

Well I never

From the Wiktionary entry for Wist:

Usage notes
  • Use of wist was never a part of the regular English language; rather, it resulted from the erroneous attempted use of archaisms or as a joking or erroneous use of the past indicative of wit.

Apparently they have never heard: “From wist hast thou come and to wist shall thou go?”

To wit, wist is the alpha and the omega.


02 Feb

Wherever is your heart

Warning: Headcold post ahead, which means the road is slippery with syrupy introspection and woozy epiphanies. I recommend that you steer round it to the toe-tapping video. But if you’re still–OH MY GOD IT’S TOO LATE WE’RE GOING TO–

There are singers, songwriters, or composers who can lift you from the place where you’re feeling sick and set you onto a better path. Brandi Carlile is one for me. So it’s only a headcold. Life is verging on overload at the moment and the headcold feels fatter than Putin’s ego. It’s a happy moment to discover that one of my favorite singer/songwriters has something new and it reached me just when it was needed, like a hole in the clouds.  I also used it to help repair a bridge. Sometimes songs are medicines are bricks.

(Resisting all attempts to broach the symphonic topic of why what we call music can turn the best of us into toe tapping, swaying, arm waving puppets–where and when were those evolutionary channels dug?)

It may only last for 3:50, but there’s always replay.