12 Aug

4 Characters Look Ahead

A few days ago, four of my main characters suddenly took a break  from the storyline to imagine their future adult selves.  Since the interlude probably won’t fit in the novel, I’ll post it here soon. What they imagined revealed more about who they are in the story present. It was a nice surprise.

2 thoughts on “4 Characters Look Ahead

  1. Is this the YA novel I got a peek at some years ago? does this mean it is progressing (she asks breathlessly)?

    Looking forward to the post about the characters.


  2. Yes, although I finished a complete draft, laughed in hysteria, kept the pieces that I liked (and thought worked) and mentally shredded the rest. I’ve been on vacation with the family and have been trying to focus on V2, but do want to commit the piece here to virtual ink, as promised.

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