06 Nov

A Day in the Background

I spent a good chunk of my day updating my netbook from Mint 16 to 17 (XFCE) –really a background task that took an hour of hands on time. The netbook with its limited resources wasn’t really happy with v16, so I gave 17 (Qiana) a shot. I didn’t have much hope–its only one version, right? It turns out that almost everything about it is better, including a performance bump. I also added a nice Google Drive sync client called Insync. (I’d make a joke but I can’t recall the names of which boy was precisely in which boy band. Unless you called the Clash a boy band–or perhaps a band of raucous lads.)

The upgrade would have taken less time if I hadn’t tried to cheat it first and just update without doing a clean install. The former didn’t work, the latter worked well, and the changes in the UI were often better than those I had configured previously. Good show, Mint.

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Background

  1. So, how are you liking Mint? I am becoming disenchanted with SUSE. Remember when you couldn’t drag n drop apps on your toolbar? If you wanted them in a certain order, you had open them in that order? As Gibson might have said, the past isn’t gone, it’s just not evenly distributed.

    Come Christmas break, I may do another OS shift. Then I’ll have to rebuild all my feeds, etc.

    • I like this new distro–nice UI improvements (well behaved), nimbler than the “Cinnamon” release–especially on my now old netbook. I’m using the XCFE distro, so UI is more minimum (and responsive). It’s fairly trivial to install from a thumb drive (or DVD). We also use Mint (and Ubuntu) at work for development alongside Windows (and a dab of MacOS)–it’s well liked.

      I don’t care so much for the need to do a clean install each time–however, keeping separate data and OS partitions, running Backup prior to the install, and keeping my feed synched online makes for a fast return to normalcy. Sometimes there’s a followup head scratcher (I stopped enjoying computer admin long ago, but force myself to do it–so head scratcher is a polite euphemism), but overall it’s been fairly easy.

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