Kurt Kremer the proprietor says, I’m a writer, husband, dad, technologist, gardener, home baker, son of a citizen scientist, brother to a fine carpenter, book lover, romantic, and a sort of non-proselytizing reformed jackass. I’m writing a novel–I call it my adolescent novel, because it’s the second, and the protagonists are adolescent, and some may think the intended audience is young. (I’m just trying not to exclude the latter.) Some of this blog will journal the more interesting and less angst-ridden parts of that process.

My kids (at least one a full fledged adult who also drew the cartoon taxidermy of me on this page) influence me daily and I’ll write about them sometimes. My friends are writers, teachers, scientists, engineers, editors, electricians, sheet metal workers, park rangers, and endearing fools, and one incredible person who’s my lover and wife–they’ll appear here, too. If I’m desperate, I’ll find a default theme to cover. Some famous bloggers cover bacon–maybe because everything’s better with it. I might try tofu–I love bacon, but tofu is the food chameleon; having no flavor of its own, it can take on any character. I can’t tape it to my cats, but I might be able to work it like clay into the shape of a challenging dog or squirrel (or roadkill). But no soy bacon.

I have some short story awards from my college days, regional and international technical writing awards from my earlier professional days, and a decade+ of paychecks as a content production manager and architect, and project manager. My other blog, far more self-indulgent and now retired, is Nuclear Frisson with BobPrice (and before that, a slice of silliness titled Wine Pairings for the Rest of Us, where I convinced a very small readership that whatever they drank was just fine).

Aside from this site, I can be contacted publicly, researched, or spied on at FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

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  1. Hello, Kurt,

    Glad to find you in this internetcarnation! Will be stopping by to visit!



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