20 Mar

The Roaring World

20140319_203039Until a month ago, this hung or rested above my home desk for 10 years. It figures in  the balrog story in progress. My mother found it at a garage 20 or more years ago, thought of me, and gifted it for the heck of it. I love it, busted frame and all. Its replacement, I love more.

I’ve Googled and Ducked and Yahooed it to no avail. The artist is a mystery to me and that’s just fine.

23 Aug

From Here to Eternity or Damn You Peggy Lee

Writing. Something long. Takes. A long. Time.

I write at a rate that I would call “writing like hell” for an hour every morning before work (and then in the evening after work) and look at the typed page and say to myself, “Is that all there is?” (You know the rest of the lyrics. Right?)

19 Aug

There, not Here

If I’m away from here, it means that I’m working on Balrog with every minute of free time I can spend on writing, including commuting time (luckily I have a 45 min bus ride to work and back). I’m going to post the roughed up NaNoWriMo version as soon as I have time.