31 Jan

Cuff Links

His wife showed him silver cuff links the size of coins. He asked why. She pushed them into the cuffs of the white dress up shirt he’d slipped on. “They’re for Thursday,” she said. “You want to look your best.”

He asked what was special about Thursday–it being only Tuesday, he worried that he’d forgotten an engagement.

“Your memorial service,” she said. “Now hold still,” and she fastened the links. “There.”

He wasn’t shaken by her words. He wondered if that meant he was going to die on Thursday or, the service being planned, he was already dead and that she was simply doing what she always did, helping him get ready in advance.

Note: I had this dream on a Tuesday–it went almost just like the description. I woke up feeling apprehensive about Thursday until Friday morning. And then, I patted myself. That was last week. I’m sure it wasn’t meant to be a premonition for any Thursday. Although this Thursday I’m going to the dentist.