19 Jun

Cusp of Summer

There was going to be more last night. Instead Noah and Sophie led me into the side yard to our little berm, where we dug our toes in the grass and watched Jupiter rise in the west trailing its chain of moons. It was warm and muggy, pillowed with clouds in the east. Sophie said, [the stars are] like diamonds. Noah said, Yes, and the night’s as warm as skin, don’t you think, Dad?

2 thoughts on “Cusp of Summer

  1. My favorite astronomy moment is actually two: (1) when you see a half moon at dawn, and (2) when you see a half moon at sunset.

    Since it’s dawn/sunset, you are standing on the terminator. Since it’s a half moon, you are looking directly at the terminator. That means the moon is directly ahead/behind the earth. Four hours from now/four hours ago, the earth will be / was where the moon is now.

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