06 Sep

Follow-up Exercise

Now select some of those strangers you’re sharing space with and follow them mentally to their destination. What do they do and say on the way? What conflicts do they encounter, if any? What’s the next thing they do? Do they have a destination? Romantic, mundane, romantically mundane? What’s caught in their teeth that they don’t notice yet? Is their right ear deaf and does their left overcompensate? Do their shoes fit? What are they listening to on their music players? What are they reading? Are they reading the same page over and over, their mind elsewhere? Are they self conscious or think people are watching them and thinking about them, imagining all sorts of things? What’s in their pockets (anything precious)?

2 thoughts on “Follow-up Exercise

  1. I am sitting in my front room, looking out the window at a man walking across my lawn. He is wearing dark blue shorts, a light blue short-sleeved shirt, and a pith helmet. He is carrying a large leather bag. He stops in front of my mailbox and puts something in. Then he moves off out of my sight. In my mind’s eye I see him walking across the drive to #518 3rd Street, then across the lawn to #520 3rd street, mindful of the dog…. By the time he has gotten to #217 12th street, I’ve decided I need a different subject for my writing exercise.

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