18 May

I’m just saying

Hormonal zombie spies in India during the Napoleonic era. (How the hell do you think the East India Co was so successful?) More anon.

(The problem: to write more on this or a more important topic would consume time I can’t spend right now. But zombies are, ironically(?), keeping more than one genre of publishing alive, so I thought (while considering scenarios for a background project), I could splash them here, too.

Back to creating and undoing Celtic knots of data–my day job. If any zombies approach, I’ll be able to keep them tied up for several software releases, at least.

Followup: Hmm, looks like zombie spies in general are nothing new. However, googling “zombie spies of the Punjab” yielded no direct hits (although plenty of hits for spies in the Punjab, including the expected references to Kipling’s Kim). ¬†Also, no results for zombie spies of the Kalahari (not even in HD), zombie spies of Minneapolis (Garrison Keilor is safe–for now), and zombie spies in Basque Country.

Bonus: Everyone on my blog roll is a certified zombie spy. Unfortunately, the identity of the certification board is a closely held secret that I cannot reveal here except under pressure of currency.