17 Jul

Jungle Rot

Today’s title*

Leathers in Mozambique: An Adventure Story for Boys, by Edward M. Chrystie

Hodder and Stoughton., London, 1959

Three white guys with big guns in the jungle, the pith-helmeted, querulous-looking one in back clearly waiting to get picked off first.

Clearly the search for the kidnapped girl who would become the magician’s assistant–or, maybe the magician! (Who says the magician has to be a man–more interesting story opportunities otherwise.) Of course, the search is taking place in the wrong place, following a false clue. (She’s been taken into the desert: see the other entries tagged “Title a Day.”)

Resisting (not completely) all jokes about them just looking for a good leathers bar and not really hoping to find the girl.

*From the book of eye opening titles, Scouts in Bondage and other violations of literary propriety, ed. Michael Bell.