06 Oct

More Slamming w/ Spam

Fresh spam, hot off the griddle:

Permanent enlarged penis
What should I do?
I failed to find you
In that very bed
Can’t answer?
Fine, then
Erase my photo
I canz chatz w/ celebrity

The gmail pre-spam spam filters are reasonably effective, so I don’t have a really gooey rich cache of spam from which to draw. If nothing else, composing freeform from spam subject lines is a good way to loosen (and lighten) up.

There is some unsung talent out there, occasionally crafting fridge magnet poetry subject lines to get past the old school filters. Or, more likely, someone’s using a semi-random text string generator to make poetry the same way that some musicians compose New Age rhythms.

You know what they say: Cork the wood that parts the barley, John. And leave the periwinkles to Mother.