22 Apr

Paid Blogging Gig

I’ve started a minor paid blogging gig (really, just rolled it into my day job), supporting a skunkworks project that promotes health and wellness for kids via in-house videos of talking produce (filmed by our Creative Director, also a standup comic). The blog entries will be responses to the videos, mixing in vignettes from life (real and imagined), my voice mixed with a handful of other in-house bloggers representing different voices and demographics. Following a spoof entry I wrote as Abraham Lincoln as a gypsy fortune teller (robbing the Gettysburg address) that I sent round via email, I’ve also been encouraged to try writing as different characters. We’ll see how that works or if it just turns out to be self-gratification.

I’m also providing web site support, for now.

More later when the project goes live. So far, it’s been a lot of fun, when we’ve had time to work on it.

One thought on “Paid Blogging Gig

  1. Sounds like fun. You should be able to take all of your fatherly experience of doing growly voices and anthropomorphizing pencil sharpeners and translate it into high art…um…high…er…blog. You could even use it for health product placement: http://bit.ly/aXMaog

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