22 Sep

Setting Up My Own Site

I just finished registering zephyr98.com as a domain (via namecheap) and contracting (monthly right now) with Webfaction as the ISP. Otherwise, I’m spending most of my writing time writing off this blog (young novel, children’s book mentioned in previous posts), and looking forward to attending my first Portland Wordstock (where they are offering a workshop for writers with full time jobs and families on how to get the writing done without abandoning everything else and/or losing your mind–at least, that’s the intent. The site is also a chance for me to practice some new skills–although, leaving time for writing, it’s likely to proceed slowly, the first task being to install WordPress and then migrate this blog into a free WordPress template.

2 thoughts on “Setting Up My Own Site

  1. So, does this mean that your blog posts will no longer appear on wordpress? Or that z98 will be used for other things that don’t appear on the blog? Or that your wordstock inputs to twitter will automatically be crossposted to wordpress? Or will stockpress be used to create your YA book series?

    Oh, I see. Instead of z98 on wordpress, you will have wordpress on z98, thus completing the great circle of life.

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