26 Oct

Small victories

Well, when you run your own WP install, you can’t depend on simple services like e-mail notifications just working. I’ve had to check my admin pages to review comments, leaving my rabid fan base dangling like lonesome apostrophes while I got my act together.

I finally looked up the problem and found I had to install a plugin to configure SMTP mail. I found one better (aptly named Configure SMTP by a guy named Scott Reilly) that handles SMTP or Gmail configurations. Gmail’s easier for me, so I set it up, tested a comment and before I could squint, the little e-mail notifier extension in Chrome turned red ¬†and hiccuped with a new message.

Don’t hold back on those cards and letters, kids. Although, come Nov 1, I’m likely to disappear from this place till after Thanksgiving, and if I don’t, your job is to shame me. I don’t think that shaming a writer is a particular form of abuse, done in a civilized manner. You know, with a chin raise and a sigh and a tut tut while lighting one’s cigar and palming a properly decanted glass of port.

One thought on “Small victories

  1. Bully for you! Although I’m still not sure what the minimum cap is on a comment–I wonder if my other anti-spam plugin is causing the grief. I’d like people to be able to leave a comment as short as one word, much less three.

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