16 Jan

Sorry about the header text color

I changed my theme, added a clipped photo of Noah and Sophie from our visit last summer to the Octopus Tree and light house at Cape Mears, and then, not being a graphic artist, used the WordPress and theme options for overlaying header text. Not so happy with the textual results and will find a better solution. Unfortunately, this theme doesn’t come with a readymade semi-opaque pane to slip between the header title and image.

2 thoughts on “Sorry about the header text color

  1. My original comment on your short entry was: “Looks OK to me”. Your spam defense lasers decided that was too short of a comment, so I needed to say something more. I ran around, dodging fire, while I tried to think of something. Here’s the comment I would have written had I time before class to write a longer and more insightful comment: The logo text looks fine, given that you are using a serif style font with those little platform things on the top of the non-curvilinear letters.

    This was actually to let you know that I refreshed my RSS feed, so you can check what kind of signal got through to you.


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