06 Oct

Spam spam spam

When you host your own blog, you’re responsible for building and testing lines of defense against email and comments spam. Hosted WordPress does a pretty good job of this–I’m still looking for solutions that work comprehensively. Trying a new plugin today, so if you leave a comment and see a captcha dialog, that’s why. Perhaps next time I view comments, I won’t see 100 spammers telling me how interesting I am, asking where I found that plugin, or recommending juicing and flossing over blogging to help me meet life’s daily challenges.

3 thoughts on “Spam spam spam

  1. There’s a blog around with a single word captcha – ‘orange’. Never changes, seems to work. Prolly because the spam machines figure it’s too much trouble to roll into decap mode for a low-traffic site like his. Now _this_ site….

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