06 Jul

Super Food

Dear Broccoli,

Yes, it’s phat to eat a good breakfast, and recent studies show that breakfast should be the fattest meal of the day (healthy fats!), skinnying down to dinner. My son Noah, 11, would agree. He’s up most mornings by 7, disagreeably cheerful, hugging his mother and I and telling us we’re the best parents in the world before he heads downstairs to whip up some eggs (and recently, egg beaters) and cereal and the occasional toaster waffle (yes, we can live with that).

Sophie, 5, wants nothing to do with breakfast most mornings and, if we’re not attentive, is a basket case by 11 AM, when her mom is able to boost her blood sugar with a little yogurt or peanut butter toast to interest her in lunch. Sophie used to eat a banana for breakfast but now only wants to draw faces on them with markers and use them as puppets (she mimics Banana perfectly). Thanks for that.

We’ll take any advice you might offer, especially with a kid-friendly back beat. I hear the 4 minute timer chiming–time to press the coffee and wrangle my daughter.


Voice of Dad

This was a “Voice of Dad” blog entry written for broccoliandbanana.com. We’re rethinking some of the site’s features, so I’m reposting some of my entries here.