01 Nov

If it’s Monday, it must be Wednesday

“Do not be afraid, we are merely children.”

It being 2011, only a few people recognized Sophie’s costume. Others asked her if she was an Amish girl, a pilgrim girl, or a nun. Only one person got it immediately–a German woman who saw her in school on Dress Up Day and said, “Mein Gosh! Whednesday Addams!” And then, to Debby’s delight, launched into a series of Addam’s Family quotes.

24 Oct

Dumas Gets His Eye Shot Out

All for one, one for all. It's like math, you know.

All for one, one for all. It's like math, you know.I took Noah to see the new Three Musketeers movie today. If I’d wanted technical analysis of the swordsmanship or acting, I would have taken Travis (who knows something about each). If I’d wanted the “Oh Jesus, Come On!” reaction, I would have taken Jordan. But I wanted to see the Universe in Action via the pleasure of a 12 year old boy. Nothing like your kid leaning on your shoulder one second and then popping up with a “Did you say that! Hilarious! Those cannonballs bounced! Wouldn’t the airship explode if they shot flame at it? Oh who cares!” (To be fair, 23 yo Adam would have done the same, but without leaning on my shoulder.)

Yes, Three Musketeers with airships, bad dialog, mustache twirling, bosom heaving, and some nifty swordplay layered with slomo violent but bloodless ballets all in a wrapper we couldn’t take our eyes off. Dumas as live action anime. A terrible movie. We had a great time.